FETAC Business System

FETAC has made significant progress in the design and provision of an innovative, integrated IT system known as the FETAC Business System (FBS). The FBS facilitates a number of core processes including the certification of learners. When fully operational, it meets the shared requirements of the range of FETAC policies and the further education and training sector. A number of FETAC processes which were carried out manually are now automated ensuring greater coherence, consistency and efficiency in the quality of our service.

The IT processes supporting the determination of quality assured assessment results and FETAC certification have been introduced in a phased way, working towards complete implementation with all further education and training providers by the end of 2011

FETAC is committed to working with the Further Education and Training sector to improve the quality of service to learners and to use technology to optimise efficient use of resources for everyone.

Using FBS

The following are extracts from the FBS online training which has been available since the system rolled out in January.  Note: To turn on and off the text view of the audio, toggle CC in the bar at the bottom of the video screen.

Additional Resources (documents)

  • Some rules around the use of FBS.

Submitting data to FBS using file uploads

Whilst learner details and results can be manually entered through the user interface, FBS also provides a facility to upload files containing this data. This can significantly reduce the amount of effort on your centre's part especially where there are a large number of learners. The only pre-requisite is that your file is in a specific format. FBS requires that your file is in an XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) format which offers a widely adopted standard way of exchanging data between applications. Refer to the file format specifications for further details.

FBS Glossary

The introduction of the new online system for learners and results has seen some changes in terminology which should now be more intuitive for users. Should you have been a user of existing FETAC certification systems, it is important to become familiar with this to ease your transition from the old to the new system. Refer to our glossary for further details.

Frequently asked questions

See our FAQ section for answers to common questions in relation to FBS.