Learning and Earning - Making it Count!

FETAC works with employers to provide certification in recognition of workplace learning and employee training and development. Continued investment in existing staff is done in a variety of ways - by sourcing programmes offered by other FETAC providers that are relevant to your business, or by registering the business as a FETAC provider also, or by requesting recognition of prior learning for your employees.                             

Work Place Learning and Employee Training and Development - Do it Yourself!

Offer opportunities for employees to upskill and engage in learning, training and development courses in the workplace! If you have developed a work based programme or modules you may want to become a registered provider of FETAC certified learning. For further details please visit the Provider section of this website.


Registration with FETAC - this briefing is for organisations that wish to become a registered FETAC Provider through the provider quality assurance agreement process. It is aimed at providers who are not familiar with FETAC and have begun to develop their quality assurance policies and procedures.

Work Place Learning and Employee Training and Development- Source it near your business.

For information on courses leading to FETAC awards view Qualifax:The National Learners' Database. For information on FETAC Registered Providers view Registered Providers.