FETAC levels mean business!

FETAC makes awards at levels 1-6 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).


Level Award Description
Level 1 signifies achievement of elementary learning, within a well supported familiar environment.
Level 2 indicates achievement of basic learning; award holders are generally able to carry out familiar routine tasks in well supported environments.
Level 3 indicates basic learning across a range of areas, including managing routine text or numerical information of a familiar nature. Award holders have demonstrated ability to follow straightforward directions and to take on new tasks.
Level 4 are typically associated with introductory level employment. Award holders have demonstrated ability to act responsibly and independently and can solve familiar problems well, independently and as part of a group.
Level 5 holders have a broad range of knowledge, skill and competence and take responsibility for the nature and quality of work in a managed environment. A Level 5 award signifies capacity to act independently and responsibly in a wide range of contexts.
Level 6 signifies a high level of skill and fluency; complex problems can be solved taking account of specialised knowledge across a broad area of expertise. Level 6 awards are associated with supervisory work where responsibility for the quality of others work is accepted.

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