New Common Awards

FETAC is introducing a range of new awards developed through the Common Awards System. These awards are available to all registered providers, i.e. those who have agreed their quality assurance with FETAC.

For details on FETAC's new national awards system, the Common Awards Awards System (CAS), view A Common Awards System for Further Education and Training. View also The Common Awards System - making the easy as A,P, C.

All common awards have validation requirements set out in the award specification. Providers who wish to offer these awards must first have their programme(s) validated by FETAC before it can be delivered to learners.

Providers are advised to become familiar with the Awards Directory which includes new common awards which require validation, and awards which do not require validation.

Common awards can be identified by:

  • code number which is made up of the level and the type of award e.g. 5M1984

  • the award specification which outlines validation requirements.