Manual Handling Instruction Awards

Level 6 Special Purpose Certificate in Manual Handling Instruction
Level 6 Special Purpose Certificate in People Handling Instruction

These awards are at level 6 on the national framework of qualifications, are nationally and internationally recognised and endorsed by the Health and Safety Authority in accordance with its guidance on the New Manual Handling Training System.

Guidance for providers:

a) Programme Validation
Registered providers who wish to offer these awards will be required to have a validated programme BEFORE delivering programmes to learners to achieve these awards.

Step 1. Attend a briefing on Programme Validation Levels 5 and 6
Registered providers wishing to offer new awards at levels 5 and 6 must first have their programmes validated by FETAC. Prior to offering these awards, registered providers must attend a briefing session on programme validation before submitting their programmes.

If you would like to express an interest in attending a briefing please email: Registered providers should note that an attendance fee of €100 per person, payable to FETAC in advance of the briefing date, is charged for attendance.

Step 2. Programme Validation Application
Following attendance at the above briefing providers can request a live application form, and they then submit their application.

The process of validation involves the provider developing their own programme in accordance with a standard template provided by FETAC and submitting it for evaluation. The validation process is approximately 12 weeks from receipt of a valid application for validation.

Once successfully evaluated by FETAC the provider will be granted approval to offer the programme. It is estimated that the first validated programmes will be available in September 2010 with certification available in November 2010.

b) Recognition of Prior Learning
Registered providers interested in offering recognition of prior learning (RPL) MUST first agree their RPL procedures with FETAC as an addition to their existing QA agreement. Please see a short overview of the proposed RPL process for existing personnel.

A briefing on the RPL process for registered providers has been scheduled. See Briefings page for details.

Guidance for Learners:

1) Finding a course
Providers offering the new awards in Manual Handling Instruction and People Handling Instruction must be registered with FETAC. Check list of registered providers. Any provider offering a programme for the awards must have a programme validated by FETAC BEFORE it can be delivered. We estimate that the first validated programmes will be available in September 2010. Check list of validated programmes.

2) Recognition of Prior Learning
Existing instructors with experience and other awards in this field will be facilitated to have their prior learning recognised and assessed to enable them to achieve the awards. This recognition of prior learning process will allow those who are currently instructors obtain FETAC Level 6 awards in manual handling instruction and people handling instruction.

The details on the recognition of prior learning process will be finalised in April. Registered providers offering RPL MUST have additional RPL arrangements with FETAC and have a validated programme. It is estimated that it will be September 2010 before any provider is in a position to offer RPL for the manual handling instruction or people handling instruction awards and November 2010 before certification is available.

FETAC has devised guidelines for learners in RPL for the new awards. In general it will require existing instructors to submit a portfolio of evidence which can be assessed in a short period against the standards in the awards. The assessment process will include practical skills demonstration(s) and a theory test to demonstrate competence. The guidelines are in development and will be published as soon as possible.