Strategic Customer Relationship Management

Title Strategic Customer Relationship Management
Level 6
Type Major
Domain 3. Business and Administration > 1. Business > 8. Management
Credit Value 7
Activation Date 12-12-2010
Publication Date 12-12-2010
Review Date 12-12-2014
Deactivation Date 12-12-2014
Status Active
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Certification Requirements:

Learners may only submit minors from the lists above. Providers: If you wish to offer an alternative and appropriate minor award at Level 6 or Level 5, please inform FETAC by email to A maximum of two level 5 minors can be used towards this award. If you intend to offer this award to your learners, please ensure that your programme is registered with FETAC via the FETAC Programme Registration website. Programme Registration may be accessed from the QUICK LINKS drop-down menu on the FETAC homepage.
The total credit value required for this certificate is 7. This will be achieved by completing:
Code Title Level Credit Value
All of the following component(s)
B30154 Consultative Selling 6 1
B30155 Sales Negotiation 6 1
B30156 Sales Presentation 6 1
B30157 Account Planning and Management 6 1
B30204 Business Development 6 1
A minimum credit value of 1 from the following component(s)
B30139 Business Management 6 1
G30001 Communications 6 1
N32616 Entrepreneurial Studies 6 1
N32812 Business Planning 6 1
The remaining credit value of 1 can be obtained by using one or more components from level 5 or 6.