Information, Advice and Advocacy

Title Information, Advice and Advocacy
Code 6M3115
Level 6
Type Major
Domain 3. Business and Administration > 1. Business > 10. Social Science
Credit Value 120
Activation Date 02-03-2012
Publication Date 02-03-2012
Review Date 02-03-2016
Deactivation Date  
Status Active
Certificate Specification Information, Advice and Advocacy
Validation Information Validation
Certificate Supplements English   

Certification Requirements:

This award was developed through the Common Award System. Any providers who wish to offer this award must have their programme validated by FETAC before it can be delivered to learners. The provider should check the certificate specification for this award (see above) and its associated minor awards for validation requirements.
The total credit value required for this certificate is 120. This will be achieved by completing:
Code Title Level Credit Value
All of the following component(s)
6N3070 Government, Social, Public Administration 6 15
6N3072 Social and Civil Information 6 15
6N3073 Information, Advice and Advocacy Practice 6 15
A minimum credit value of 15 from the following component(s)
6N1950 Communications 6 15
6N0697 Customer Service 6 15
6N1948 Team Leadership 6 15
6N2191 Leadership 6 15
A minimum credit value of 15 from the following component(s)
6N1946 Work Experience 6 15
6N1947 Work Practice 6 15
6N1949 Personal and Professional Development 6 15
A minimum credit value of 30 from the following component(s)
6N3077 Social Policy Practice 6 15
6N3078 Equality and Diversity Advocacy 6 15
6N3079 Disability Advocacy 6 15
6N3081 Family Rights Advocacy 6 15
6N2775 Conflict Management 6 15
6N2207 Boundary Management 6 15
6N3082 Welfare and Health 6 15
6N3083 Employment Rights Advocacy 6 15
6N3084 Income Maximisation 6 15
6N3085 Migrants Rights and Entitlements 6 15
6N3086 Influencing Social Policy Development 6 15
6N3087 Coaching Models of Practice 6 15
6N3088 Accommodation and Housing Advocacy 6 15
6N2104 Supervisory Skills 6 15
6N3325 Training Needs Identification and Design 6 15
The remaining credit value of 15 can be obtained by using relevant component(s) from level 6. A maximum of 15 credits may be used from level 5.