Programme Validation

Validation is the quality assured process through which FETAC ensures that the programmes being offered by providers provide learners with appropriate opportunities to reach the standards of knowledge, skill and competence set out in award specifications.

FETAC’s policy on Programme Validation was approved by the Council in March 2006. Download pdf version of Programme Validation Policy.

Validation ensures that all programmes are evaluated by FETAC to verify compliance with quality assurance procedures and standards for awards.

Validation is required where a provider wishes to offer a new FETAC common award. FETAC is responsible for developing standards of knowledge, skill and competence for awards at Levels 1 to 6 of the National Framework of Qualifications. These new awards are developed using the Common Awards System. The provider must have their programme validated prior to commencing it.

All providers wishing to offer FETAC Awards must first agree their quality assurance systems with FETAC. See Provider Quality Assurance and Registration.

Programme Validation Levels 1 and 2

Registered Providers wishing to offer awards must submit their programme information to FETAC for validation. See Level 1 and 2 awards for details of the validation process.

Programme Validation Levels 3 to 6

See Levels 3 – 6 Awards for details of the validation process and briefing sessions.

Shared Programme Development

Providers or groups of providers may design programmes that can be shared by other providers. See Shared Programmes for details of the shared programme development process, application forms and information requirements.