Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior learning refers to the process of recognition of the knowledge, skills and competence an individual learner already has howsoever acquired. It is a relatively new concept in education and training in Ireland and is recognised as essential to the promotion of life long learning.

The objective of FETAC's RPL policy, agreed in 2005, is to facilitate access, transfer and progression of learners through the recognition of prior learning within the National Framework of Qualifications. It is FETAC policy to ensure that the recognition of prior learning is facilitated by registered providers in the context of their programmes and for FETAC awards as appropriate.

FETAC promotes the recognition of prior learning through quality assured providers in relation to a) entry to programmes, b) exemptions from programme requirements, and c) eligibility for a full award within the framework of qualifications.

As part of their quality assurance agreements all providers are required to have arrangements in place with regard to entry/access and credit/exemptions in relation to all programmes. However, FETAC acknowledges that not all providers are in a position to facilitate learners to achieve an award through RPL.

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Providers with RPL Approval.

RPL Policy and Guidelines are available for information.

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