QQI Establishment

On 6 November 2012, FETAC completed its amalgamation with HETAC, NQAI and the IUQB and a new integrated agency, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), was established. FETAC will continue to provide continuity of service as the new agency evolves. QQI will bring any changes and updates to your attention over the coming weeks on its website www.qqi.ie.




In November 2008, the Minister for Finance outlined plans to amalgamate NQAI, FETAC, HETAC, and the IUQB.

FETAC welcomed this decision and began preparation for a seamless transition to the new organisation, in partnership with NQAI, HETAC and IUQB. The new organisation has a working title of Qualifications and Quality Assurance Ireland.

On the July 26 2011, FETAC, along with the NQAI, HETAC and IUQB welcomed the publication of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act, 2011. This legislation provides for a new single agency, Qualifications and Quality Assurance Ireland (QQAI), replacing FETAC, HETAC, NQAI and IUQB. It is anticipated that the QQAI will be established in 2012 View statement

Dr. Padraig Walsh became Chief Executive of FETAC on June 11 2011. Dr. Walsh is the Chief Executive Designate of QQAI.

The establishment of a single unified agency to assure the quality of qualifications and of learners’ experience of education and training at all levels in Ireland will make it easier for employers and others to make sense of Irish qualifications, including within a global context. FETAC, HETAC, NQAI and IUQB are agreed that this move strengthens a focus on high quality learning experiences across all education and training provision nationally. The strength of current quality assurance systems will grow, opening up new opportunities for people to engage and succeed in learning.

Learners and award holders will find it easier to get recognition for achievements both nationally and internationally. 

QQAI will be responsible for building on Ireland’s reputation for quality in education and training and will be strongly positioned to highlight and promote best practice throughout the educational and training system.

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) will be further developed by QQAI, which will in time lead to greater opportunities for learners. The currency of all awards on the Framework remains guaranteed.

Dr. Walsh looks “forward, over the coming months and years, to building QQAI into an organisation serving learners and the public; building on the many achievements of the individual agencies and united by the National Framework of Qualifications.”

The move will deepen the commitment of all the education and training stakeholders to each other and to each others awards and traditions. It will open the way for much greater cross fertilization of ideas and processes, with an inevitable enrichment in learning and teaching experiences.